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30 years experience in ICT related projects and subjects


We live in Wembury which is a lovely village in the South West corner of Devon.

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coombe barn 

This is the barn we are converting.

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Very happily married to Rachel who is truly my soul-mate. We have two lovely daughters and two horses; one retired and the other very active and regularly ridden by Rachel.

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My interests are quite diverse:

  • Practical subjects including carpentry, welding and construction.
  • Food and drink We love food and to go with it - good wine when we can afford it.
  • Sailing When possible, I love to sail, otherwise it's skiing.


key life stages

I've lived a varied life:

  • Research Chemist
My first job was an amazing opportunity; to be given a laboratory to work on polymers.
  • Product Management
Taking the subject of plastics from tech support through to product management and sales.
  • Challenging Projects
If it was difficult - then I wanted to do it!