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30 years experience in ICT related projects and subjects


Within the current financial climate today businesses need the agility to adapt to changing market conditions.  They also need to be able to readily adapt to change and adopt change easily taking mergers and re-sizing in their stride effortlessly.


Doug Packer's objective is to help you to make significant improvements to the way IT and Business Technology serves you!  I believe that your computer and communications should perform simply and efficiently, providing the flexibility  to support the aims and direction of your business. 

Using his experience your business may:

  • Become more agile and adapt to business changes rapidly
  • Adopt advancing and enabling technologies faster
  • Meet business demands quicker and easier
  • Improve Corporate Social Responsibility

Doug has helped many business managers and directors meet their objectives, align technology, make improvements, resolve issues and deliver projects, by using skills gained in Global, Utility and Government organisations.

Why not take a look at his customersprojects and profile for an indication of how he might be able to help you.