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30 years experience in ICT related projects and subjects


Innovation has raised its head many times in my different careers. 

More recently I have worked on innovative approaches to server design for web and database servers. I have devised ways of delivering desktops and for The Court Services which is part of the Ministry of Justice I created a self-repairing Microsoft Desktop.

Earlier in my ICT career I was once considered the "leading light" in data cabling; designing schemes for tall buildings in London such as the "NatWest  Tower", a design which was pretty much replicated in Canary Wharf and has become almost the de facto standard for the industry.  Optical fibre played a significant role in data communication solutions and I installed the first commercial optical LAN  in the UK.

As you may know, my first career was as an industrial research chemist working with polymers (plastics) during which time I worked on such subjects as hardening plastics by copolymerisation, softening plastics for contact lenses and producing special high temperature plastics for aircraft use.